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US-6762530-B2: Motor with stator having inner cores and outer cores patent, US-6795170-B2: Structure for attaching a pellicle to a photo-mask patent, US-6796873-B1: Structure of a toy car patent, US-6834313-B1: Performing a two-step read on a MAC register in a home network as an atomic read patent, US-6866927-B2: Filter for image display device patent, US-6879510-B2: Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device and method for operating the same patent, US-6976204-B1: Circuit and method for correcting erroneous data in memory for pipelined reads patent, US-7014666-B2: Rechargeable battery patent, US-7184932-B1: Reliability prediction for complex components patent, US-7358960-B2: System and method for displaying two-dimensional data on small screen devices patent, US-7398432-B2: Identify indicators in a data processing system patent, US-7462334-B2: Negatively-charged oxygen atom producing method and producing apparatus patent, US-7553034-B1: Display having a visor patent, US-7647328-B2: Method and apparatus for processing a context change request in a CCOW environment patent, US-7656246-B2: Circular polarizer using conductive and dielectric fins in a coaxial waveguide patent, US-7668606-B2: Control device for controlling a control object at a ratio of on-time to off-time for a time-proportional output patent, US-7720253-B2: Visual perception model for hi-fidelity image watermarking patent, US-7738811-B2: Corona charging device cleaner patent, US-7920095-B2: Three-dimensional multi-frequency antenna patent, US-8069988-B2: Vacuum-packed diaper kit patent, US-8112551-B2: Addressing scheme to allow flexible mapping of functions in a programmable logic array patent, US-8156491-B2: Fault tolerant virtual machine patent, US-8195698-B2: Hierarchy manager for master data management patent, US-8297365-B2: Drilling string back off sub apparatus and method for making and using same patent, US-6912155-B2: Non volatile memory patent, US-7074932-B2: Preparation of quinoline-substituted carbonate and carbamate derivatives patent, US-7207459-B1: Platter ensemble patent, US-7233529-B2: System for erasing nonvolatile memory patent, US-7238932-B2: Optical position sensing device patent, US-7558372-B2: Method and device for the separate three-dimensional representation of the arterial and venous vascular system using C-arm angiography systems patent, US-7606092-B2: Testing for SRAM memory data retention patent, US-7611097-B2: In orbit space transportation and recovery system patent, US-7655935-B1: Plutonium radiation surrogate patent, US-7666472-B2: Sealing material and method of applying the same patent, US-7681098-B2: Systems and methods for improved fault coverage of LBIST testing patent, US-7715264-B2: Method and apparatus for selectively disabling termination circuitry patent, US-7721965-B2: Computerized electronic device with bill validating module patent, US-7752480-B2: System and method for switching digital circuit clock net driver without losing clock pulses patent, US-7789842-B2: Adjustable arm sling patent, US-7851269-B2: Method of stiffening coreless package substrate patent, US-7856103-B2: Microcontroller and authentication method between the controllers patent, US-8116793-B2: Apparatus and method for automatically controlling interference in broadband wireless communication system patent, US-8173268-B2: Honeycomb body having radially differently configured connecting points patent, US-8182492-B2: Medical instrument, especially uterus manipulator patent, US-8199054-B2: Method for estimating distance between transmitter and receiver, and transmitter and receiver implementing same patent, US-8298106-B2: Steering transmission for tracked vehicles patent, US-8411370-B2: Zoom lens and imaging apparatus patent, US-8434305-B2: Compressed-air-assisted turbocharger system for internal combustion engine patent, US-6825772-B2: Electroluminescent dashboard control circuit patent, US-7013788-B1: Launch tube with adjustable plenum patent, US-7028016-B2: Applying term consistency to the solution of unconstrained interval global optimization problems patent, US-4424105-A: Gas generator with regulated current source patent, US-7083108-B2: Redundantly encoded data structure for encoding a surface patent, US-7085295-B2: Method and apparatus for searching for pilots over code space in a CDMA communication system patent, US-7149117-B2: Reduction of adjacent floating gate data pattern sensitivity patent, US-7373907-B2: Valve lifter guide patent, US-7375565-B2: Delay locked loop in semiconductor memory device patent, US-7404672-B2: Method for supporting a minimally invasive intervention on an organ patent, US-7427148-B1: Light modules patent, US-7463069-B2: Phase detector with selection of differences between input signals patent, US-7518306-B2: Light unit with staggered electrodes patent, US-7546609-B2: Method and apparatus for determining monitoring locations in distributed systems patent, US-7608894-B2: Electrostatic discharge protection device patent, US-7620906-B2: Display apparatus and method for displaying screen where dragging and dropping of object can be executed and program stored in computer-readable storage medium patent, US-7726589-B2: Hand held dual nozzle spray gun and system patent, US-7855970-B2: Method for retransmission in mobile communication system patent, US-7961518-B2: Programming rate identification and control in a solid state memory patent, US-7978244-B2: Image sensor and an electronic information device patent, US-8005287-B2: Method of reconstructing CT image data patent, US-8023379-B2: Defect inspection method and disk drive using same patent, US-8033303-B2: Wire curl diameter adjusting mechanism for tying machine patent, US-8089790-B2: Power supply input device patent, US-8165132-B2: Scheduling apparatus, mobile station therewith, and method therefor patent, US-8249625-B1: Method and system for routing position-determining requests patent, US-8345842-B2: System, method, and computer-readable storage medium for telecom billing outsourcing patent, US-8490894-B2: Multi-function shower head structure patent, US-8522629-B2: Sequential groundwater sampler and sampling method thereof patent, US-6756241-B2: Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and system for manufacturing the same patent, US-6813501-B2: Location dependent services patent, US-6839165-B2: Dimmer control system having remote infrared transmitters patent, US-6868321-B2: Display control apparatus for vehicle and the method thereof patent, US-6919608-B2: Spin transistor patent, US-6942614-B1: Method and system for use in treating a patient with an anticoagulant to optimize therapy and prevent an adverse drug response patent, US-6942997-B2: Process for the preparation of gluconic acid and gluconic acid produced thereby patent, US-7040524-B2: Automated packaging apparatus and method of optical elements patent, US-7106891-B2: System and method for determining convergence of image set registration patent, US-7375477-B2: Cold cathode fluorescent lamp driving system patent, US-7420865-B2: Pipe latch circuit for increasing data output speed, a semiconductor memory device with the pipe latch circuit and data output operation method of the same patent, US-7518141-B2: Multicolor organic light emitting apparatus patent, US-7541535-B2: Initiating play of dynamically rendered audio content patent, US-7648236-B1: Multi-use eyeglasses with human I/O interface embedded patent, US-7697511-B2: Selective voice switching of multiparty communications patent, US-7753068-B2: Diversion under load conditions in distribution systems patent, US-7818256-B1: Digital receipt for electronic data and methods and systems for generating same patent, US-7892439-B2: Method for chemically treating a liquid medium loaded with nitrates, device for treating a liquid medium of this type and applications patent, US-7956080-B2: Deuterium-enriched SDX-101 patent, US-8036682-B1: Apparatus and method for call center call-back patent, US-8094398-B2: Arrangement method of servo pattern of patterned medium, patterned medium, and information storage device patent, US-8098919-B2: Three-dimensional reconstruction of an object from projection photographs patent, US-8194284-B2: Image forming apparatus and method of control based on color chrominance data patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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